Too many thoughts and not enough hours

Written by Jenn

Cut first world whining. Being a blogger means having lots of thoughts in my head, and lots of thoughts to write down. Unfortunately, many of these thoughts, and even entire blog posts, pop into my head at the most inopportune of times: when I’m lying in bed, when I’m driving, when I’m waiting with the kids at the bus stop, etc. I really need to make sure I carry a notebook with me at all times, or I need to get over my self-consciousness over hearing my own voice and simply transcribing everything.

In addition to often having too many thoughts in my head, there’s the issue of not having enough time to do everything that I both need and want to do. Take today for example: it’s Sunday, which means sleeping in, relaxing, not worrying about school routines and homework. But it also means the kids are underfoot all day. And because I spent too many hours in front of the computer yesterday, I paid for it last night and today with major muscle tightness and soreness. It was so bad this afternoon that I caved and took a muscle relaxant. But instead of using the short time between taking the muscle relaxant and when the muscle relaxant kicked in to do some speed blogging, I wound up making lunch and cleaning a sink-full of dishes that I left sitting last night. And then I was sleepy, so hello sudden two hour nap on the living room sofa.

Now it’s 8pm, and I’ve got a laptop to reformat and blogging to do, but I’m going to indulge in House while I’m doing all of that. Here’s to a productive evening, hopefully!


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